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I began my career as a chef very early in life under the tutelage of my New Orleans French father, Gaston, who taught my three brothers and me the mastery of chef knives and French food.  We were introduced to owners, as well as the food of major New  Orleans chefs, Commander’s Palace, Antoine’s, The Acme Oyster Bar, Galatoire’s, Tujaque’s and Arnaud’s where the owner, Germaine Casenave, my father’s childhood friend and neighbor on  Esplanade Avenue, would guide us through her famous Mardi Gras Museum in the basement of the restaurant.  

Creole refers to the original European — particularly French and Spanish — settlers of New Orleans who brought or sent for chefs from Madrid, Paris, and other European capitals.  Creole cooking differs from Cajun cuisine in that its subtler, more nuanced flavors are not dependent on hot spices.

Having migrated to Baltimore, Maryland because of my mother’s family and to attend The Maryland Institute, I worked as a chef at Martick’s Restaurant Français. This experience prepared me to travel through Europe finding work as a chef living in both Paris and Spain. Needless to say these 15+ years abroad heightened my appreciation of food and lifestyle. Upon return to the States I was able to establish Café Germaine, a small supper club and catering company in Baltimore.

I call Chestertown home now, perhaps my last migration, for it is for my mother, Betty Charlton Hynson, granddaughter of Doc Hynson of Hinchingham, that I dedicate this venture.


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